Create Unlimited Website Layout Designs Just By Dragging And Dropping Images, Text, Video, etc On Your Page. Very Simple!

Just Drag And Drop It On Your Page

Let me get straight to the point!

I've been creating websites with Joomla since 2008. One of the features I wish Joomla had was the ability to create basic or complex websites just by dragging and dropping. Well, now there is a way to create stunning websites without coding just by dragging and dropping. This is a game change and a must have for non coders who want to create professional and clean websites but just don't have the time to learn HTML, PHP, CSS, and other programming languages.


Non Coders - If you're not a coder and don't have the time to learn how to code to create professional websites, with this course, you don't EVER have to worry about that. You'll still be able to create better looking websites than some pro's.

Passive Income - Once you see how simple and easy it is to create pages, you may decide to start a side gig by creating landing pages or websites for others. The average price for a professional landing page is about $250. However, the most designers take days to create them....until now. You'll learn how to build a top notch landing page in minutes not days.

Personal - You can also work on your personal stuff like setting up a landing page for your fishing business, or create a gallery to share your vacation pictures with friends. It's very simple to do, trust me!

Sell Them - You can even decide to create custom landing pages and sell them. If you're a creative person and love to design things, this is a great way for you to create stunning websites or layouts and sell. You can sell your designs for as little or as much as you want...the choice is YOURS!


Using the latest technology, you'll be able drag and drop ANYTHING on to your page. It's yours and you can design it anyway you like.

With 40+ addons to choose from, you'll have EVERYTHING you'll ever need to create any type of website or layout at your finger tips.


Responsive - Fully responsive layout that scales to fit any screen size from a narrow smartphone to a large desktop screen.

Highly CustomizaBLE - Substantial number of unique pages or content element can be built also using it with custom css classes.

Multimedia Integration - Insert videos from youtube / vimeo and mp3, ogg music files with player inside page layout.

Custom Addons - Create your own add-ons and easily use inside component to improve list of available features.

Built-in Animations - Use built-in animated effects (fade, flip, rotate, zoom, bounce), with custom duration and delay for columns.

Open Graph - Enables any page to become a rich object in a social graph, helping you decide what will be shown on Facebook.

Page Templates - Built-in templates (About Us, Corporate, Our Team, Pricing Table) in Pro version gives you more functionality.


If you want to save time and money on your website projects, then this course will show you how to do that. Why pay someone else thousands or dollars when you can do it yourself!

What Some Of Our Students Had To Say!

Joomla is really explained here, I have lots knowledge about Joomla. I'm WordPress lover but now I'm a Joomla Lover too. Mathew is a Joomla Man.
Nice, yet easy to Joomla forum. Thanks, now I have better understanding about Joomla and how to have a forum site on it. Recommended.
This course helps you start your own web design business, ideal for every college student to earn some extra money. Best start for your business.

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